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Who can I speak to for more information on the event?

Please contact Progresiv magazine on +40 21 315 90 31 or email:

How do I register?

To register for the event the best & quickest way is to buy tickets from our corporate website & shop

How do I pay?

Accepted payment ways are: Online payment (Plati Online), PayPal and Bank Transfer based on a proforma invoice.
Please note that entry into the conference will not be permitted without confirmation of payment. If you are paying (or you have already paid) by Bank Transfer make sure that the transfer is referenced to the name of the delegate(s) and invoice number. This will help us to quickly trace your payment.


In case you need to sign an agreement and act of acceptance please e-mail us at:

What is included in the overall cost for each conference?

The registration fee covers a complete set of services:

  • conference attendance at International Hotel
  • simultaneous translation: English – Romanian; Romanian – English
  • hotel accommodation (3 days / 2 nights) including breakfast
  • lunch, dinner, coffee breaks, cocktail at International Hotel
  • free access to swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Progresiv dinner and Progresiv Awards Ceremony at Sinaia Casino
  • access to the networking mobile app
  • online access to presentations and photos
What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

If you wish to cancel your booking we require written notice sent by latest March 8, 2019 and no charges will be applied. If you wish to cancel your booking after March 8, 2019 you will be liable for payment of the full fee and will not be entitled for any refund.

Will you keep me updated of any changes to the conference?

Any changes will be updated on the Progresiv Conference website: Please check individual conference web pages for details.

Where is the conference being held and how do I get there?

The conference will be held at International Hotel in Sinaia. Accommodation is provided in 2 hotels, as per your choice and availability: International (1, Avram Iancu Str.) and New Montana (24, Carol I Blvd.).

What happens when I get to the Conference?

When you arrive at the conference please go to the registration desk at International Hotel and collect your badge. You will be required to wear your badge at all times to allow you admittance to the conference, social events and the exhibition area.
On March 13th , starting 7.30 PM we will be waiting for you in International hotel lobby for a welcome drink and then dinner in the hotel restaurant ;
Breakfast will be served starting 8AM and the conference will start at 9AM, in the Magnum Conference Room at International Hotel; (Breakfast will be served in the accommodation hotel).
During all three days, the organizer will provide lunch, dinner and coffee breaks in the International hotel.
Participants will have free access to swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi.
The organizer will not cover expenses for room-service, minibar, phone calls and other hotel services;
Check-out can be done on Friday, March 15th , 10.00 – 10.30. At International hotel we will provide a lugagge room at your disposal.
For any other info, the hostess and organizers will be more than happy to help.
Conference documentation, including the final programme will be available in the Magnum Conference Room on the first morning of the conference.
Dress Code: business attire is required throughout the conference.

Where can I comment on the conference?

The networking mobile app offers you the possibility to evaluate topics, speakers and the entire event in real time.

5 days after the event you will get your user and password to access the presentations and photos from the event.


Room Set-up and Audio Visuals

You may choose to speak either from a lectern with a fixed microphone or from the conference floor with a lapel or roving microphone. We will be providing a screen, computer and data projector. Please let us know your requirements as soon as possible.
We would recommend that you use a PC-based presention, such as PowerPoint, to give the conference a sense of continuity, and to keep logistics running more smoothly.
We will load your presentation (sent to us in advance) on to the laptop computer before the start of the conference, but please also bring your presentation with you to the conference on CD or memory stick as back-up, just in case there are any technical problems on the day.
There will be opportunities to check your slides before the session starts. A technician will be present in the conference hall at all times, so please do not hesitate to request their assistance at any time.
At the end of each session, the Chairman will open the floor for questions. A Progresiv magazine staff member will take a microphone around the room for questions, and delegates are asked to give their name and organisation before proceeding with the questions. The session`s panel of speakers should answer questions from the top table.

Content of your Speech

Delegates particularly like to hear case-studies and hard information drawn from day-to-day operations, combined with practical advice; they like to feel they have gained relevant, practical advice and information, or an inside look at what takes place in your company.
Please note that audiences dislike sales-oriented presentations, and in consideration of your audience, we recommend that speeches should steer clear of trying to market or sell your company.
Please try not to read directly from your papers. It is important to maintain eye contact with your audience as much as possible. This increases the impact of your talk.


The most common problem that occurs for speakers giving presentations of this length is that they run out of time before they run out of material! May we suggest that you choose a few key points to address and then expand on them, as it is easy to overestimate the amount of material you can cover in your allotted time. A timer will be displayed on the screen for your info, as well as for the audience. A sound will be played when you have 5 more minutes of your time.

Please ensure that you keep your presentation to time!


Microphones will be set up for you. The technicians will control the audio levels and adjust them to suit your voice. All you have to do is speak normally, slowly and clearly!
When we are providing simultaneous interpretation, it is particularly important that you do not speak too quickly, because then the interpreters find it difficult to keep up, and the sense of your presentation could get lost in translation.

Powerpoint Slides

16:9 format
Do not exceed 40 characters in a full width line
Please ensure that the font size is at least 30 point
Do not exceed 10 horizontal lines of text
Leave at least one full letter height between lines
Please do not prepare too many slides as you may run out of time to present all of them.


Complex and overcrowded information make material difficult to read and understand – so do not try to get all your information on a single visual. If delegates can`t understand your message instantly, they will lose interest.
Show people trends rather than tables of detailed figures.
Avoid complex and detailed text on visuals. Use key words and phrases only.


Pictures add interest to slide presentations and capture the attention of the audience, giving them a clearer understanding of the subject matter.


Please do enjoy yourself!
The Progresiv magazine staff are there to help you enjoy your experience, so if there is anything you need, please don`t hesitate to ask.!

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