Gala Dinner

Sinaia Casino, March 14, 2019

The Progresiv Conference Dinner will be hosted on the Thursday evening, March 14, 2019 and guests will be welcomed in a classy and sophisticated venue at the Sinaia Casino.

The event will begin with drinks in the foyer and move on to a relaxed dinner and celebration culminating with the Progresiv Awards and a legendary party where live music, fine food, sophisticated drinks and casino games will create a bright atmosphere in which we celebrate the vision and courage of FMCG industry in Romania. party.

There’s beauty in simplicity. Please join us for a Themed Party (TBA)!

For one evening, Casino Sinaia, a place with a history of more than 100 years, welcomes you in a black and white setting that will shine for the party. You will enjoy live music together with the best in the industry. The evening you will be colored with exquisite food, special moments, sophisticated drinks and exciting discussions. A moment that will surely remind you!

Dress Code: TBA.

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